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CrossFit, at its literal definition, is constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. Let’s break this down even further:


First, constantly varied describes the unpredictability of our workouts. Every day is a different workout and different stimulus on the body. By not allowing our body time to adjust to a movement or workout, we are constantly producing adaptations. Don’t be mislead, our programming is not random, there is a method behind the madness which keeps us from over-training a specific movement or workout and continues producing positive changes.


Second, functional movement is movement that our body was designed for and movements we often complete everyday. Human bodies were not meant to strap themselves into an hamstring curl machine and rip out 3 sets of 10. We prefer movements that translate to everyday life. For example, look at the squat. How did you get out of bed this morning? You had to stand up from a seated position, right? You had to squat yourbodyweight out of your bed to get your day moving. You used a complex movement (squat), involving multiple muscle systems, to perform a simple task. We base our training on functional movements and training our bodies how they were genetically designed to move and adapt.


Third, high intensity describes the mental attitude we focus on our training. “High intensity” has different meaning for each person that walks through our doors. We always ask that you try your best on any given day, and do not sacrifice form or technique at the expense of intensity.


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